Welcome to Evil Pebble! A community where skaters can come together to reminisce about all those times a little pebble has personally attacked us while out riding the streets or the skatepark.  

We wanted to create a place where everyone can come together about something that can happen to anybody, no matter who you are! Pebbles don’t care about anything but getting under your wheels to end that perfect line and we’ve got the merch to remind you how evil that little rock can be. No discrimination, no judgement, no hate(unless it’s about a pebble) and have fun skating!

Watch full Evil Pebble skate edits/parts under Skating or on our youtube channel. Check out our Stories page for pebble related fail videos and to send us in your pebble fails to be featured!

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This October/Halloween don’t miss out on our latest limited time deck! The Headless Horseman Deck is a play on the folklore of a soldier who was beheaded in battle by a cannonball and his body was buried in Sleepy Hallow and came back from the head using a burning Jack o’ Lantern as a replacement. We put our own spin on this giving him a haunted pebble to replace his head which he throws under skaters wheels to ruin their day!

Send us in clips and pictures of you with your Halloween merch! We love to see it!

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