Tristen "Goose" Pratt

IG: @Tristen_pratt


My name is Tristen Pratt, the homies call me Goose. I was born and raised in LA, and I’ve been skating for 8 years. Some of my favorite skaters are Bam Margera, Nyjah, and Gustavo Ribeiro because of their dedication and consistency. Skating has taught me many things in life such as to never give up and pursue my goals until I’ve achieved them. I’m looking forward to skating with Evil Pebble and working together with their whole team.


Abel Losada

IG: @Abel.Losada_e


Me gusta patinar con los chicos. Mi skater favorito es Justin Figueroa. Me gusta viajar, conocer gente nueva y pasar la mayor parte de mi tiempo andando en patineta. Amo comer fruta.

Translation: I like to skate with the boys. My favorite skater is Justin Figueroa. I like to travel, meet new people and spend most of my time skateboarding. I love to eat fruit.

From Bogotá, Colombia


Alex "Bredbowls" Delgado

IG: @Bredbowls


Hi, my name is Alex Delgado, but most know me as bredbowls. I’m from El Paso, Texas. Skateboarding is my passion. I personally prefer transition skating, but I can get down in the streets too. I like going fast, and I hate evil pebbles 😈


Scott Chessin

IG: @Scottchessin


My name is Scott Chessin and I grew up in Los Gatos, California where I fell in love with skating at the age of 11, which is where I first learned the basics. It was moving to Los Angeles in my early 20s that was the initial spark which drove me to push myself to the next level and fully live the dream. I’d attribute Laffyette skatepark, Stoner skatepark and the West LA Courthouse as the main places where I developed my board control and really learned how to skate rails, ledges and stairs. 


Drew Weiss

IG: @Dweiss103


What’s up, my names Drew Weiss from the Boston area, I’m 21 years old and have been skating for around 5 years. I love street skating with friends and my favorite tricks to do are probably boneless variations and nose mannys. Some of my favorite skaters are Kyle Walker, Zane Timpson, Sergio Santoro, Matt Tomasello, and Henry Gartland. If you don’t recognize any of those names check em out!



Chris König

IG: @Chrismike.k


My name is Chris, I’m 26 years old and I’m from Austria. I stood on a skateboard for the first time when I was about 10 years old. I drove regularly until about 13, but I made new friends and unfortunately only had an on-off relationship with my skateboard until I was 22. 4 years ago it caught me completely again, not a day goes by that I don’t think about what I want to learn next. I am fascinated by the endless possibilities of skateboarding! I love that there are no limits or rules, you can just do what you like and let your creativity run free. Getting up and trying again and again is one of the most valuable takeaways I’ve had from skating so far. For me, skating is one of the most important parts of my life and I have no intention of quitting! As soon as I stand on the skateboard I forget about every problem that’s floating around in my head. I feel free when I can skate, it just makes me happy.


Ben Morse

IG: @Ben_morse20


I am from Agoura Hills, California and I’ve been skating for many years now. I skate because whenever I get on a board it is so much fun and could never stop and to just keep improving is the best. Skateboarding takes away any problems I am having and to get on a board even for a little feels the best. There are always going to be barriers when skating and it is hard but to just keep practicing, you will get there. I love skating and it will never leave me.


Malachi Fleck

IG: @Malachi_2020


My names Malachi, homies call me Mally. I grew up in a small town in Montana that didn't have to much to offer besides the scenic views and cold weather. I have been skating as far back as I can remember and if there's anything skating has taught me, it'd be consistency and discipline. Trying a trick for hours just to get the one that feels and looks amazing has really come into play with real life. Best thing about skating is the people you meet and the fact you can go anywhere around the world and be apart of this amazing community of skateboarders and I'm glad to be a part of it.