Welcome to Evil Pebble!

A community where skaters can come together to remember all those times a little pebble has personally attacked us while out riding the streets or the skatepark.  

We wanted to create a place where everyone can come together about something that can happen to anybody, no matter who you are! Pebbles don’t care about anything but getting under your wheels to end that perfect line and we want to remind you how evil that little rock can be. 

I first got the idea for Evil Pebble during quarantine while rediscovering my love for skateboarding and the community that surrounds it. I wanted to make something that was new and exciting that would bring people together around their own experiences. The idea was to give people another way to express themselves following the creative outlet skating gives them. I love the community so much because it gives the opportunity to come together in a very inclusive and non-bias place where one can be whoever they want and challenge themselves to get better. No discrimination, no judgement, no hate (unless it’s about a pebble) and have fun skating!